Nursing Services

We act immediately on your request. Once the office is notified for home care services, our Director of Nursing, who oversees the home care staff, will work with the patient and physician to make a medical assessment and recommend the level and type of home care needed. Our home health caregivers will visit any homes, or assisted living facilities.

Physical/Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapists will assist our physicians in evaluating the level of function of the patient and visit patients at home to provide rehabilitative physical activities and measures that help muscle, nerve, joint and functional abilities to relieve symptoms, restore function and movement, develop muscle strength, prevent deformities, increase strength, alleviate pain and further improve the overall health grounds of a patient mobility.

Medical Social Services

Medical and Social aides will help patients cope with any possible problems that may bother them while undertaking treatments or recuperating. Medical and Social workers will explain to patients the specificity and possible complications and make sure that every patient's social and emotional needs related to their illness are maintained during the whole period of their treatment and convalescence.

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